Jesus’ True Calling to Sarah Young

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Trivia question: What book was rated the 2012 #2 nonfiction bestseller, is read by thousands if not millions of people daily, and is the most accepted heretical literature so far this century, quite possibly this millennium? Since I pretty much gave it to you in the title of this post, you probably got the right answer (at least I hope you did): Jesus Calling.         

This book, written by a woman named Sarah Young, has caused no end of trouble since it was published in 2004, trouble that came and continues to come in a couple of different ways. One cause for concern is that so many evangelicals (whatever that word means anymore) haven’t paid much serious attention to this book, and just let it fly under their radar. Another problem is that those who do know that this book is heresy have kept quiet about it[1], and consequently have allowed other people—some of them their brothers and sisters in Christ—to go through a struggle they could have saved them from had they simply opened their mouths and told them the truth.

But the third and probably most frightening issue I see with this whole thing is that so many Christians who are in good, solid churches with good, solid pastors have been taken in by this so-called “devotional book.” Even in my home church, with our clear Reformed Baptist beliefs, adherence to the 1689 London Baptist Confession, and biblically grounded pastor, there are people who have said that they didn’t see any problems with Jesus Calling until someone took them aside and carefully explained to them what was wrong with it.

And it’s not that our pastor doesn’t call this kind of stuff out from the pulpit—if you listen to his sermons, you’d quickly find out that he’s not afraid to name false teachers or point out wrong theology.[2] However, the largest part of the problem doesn’t seem to be a lack of preachers calling out wrong views or false teachers (though that is certainly part of it). No, the most significant issue that I personally see in this is the lack of discernment among God’s people.  

You don’t have to look hard to see that this thing called “discernment” is an art that is very much lost in the church today, especially the American church. Just glance around at the millions of people who are following the New Apostolic Reformation (which, by the way, is not new, apostolic, or a reformation. Just to let you know.). Or take a look at those who believe Benny Hinn and Kenneth Copeland when they say that if you give money to their ministries, you’ll have health, wealth, and happiness. (Seriously, how is you giving someone else your money supposed to make you rich? Logic, people.)

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There is an epidemic of gullibility among those who call themselves Christians! And there’s no excuse for it, since everything that we need to be wise and discerning is found in Scripture. And when I say Scripture, I mean the Holy Scriptures, the words that were inspired by God and written through the apostles, who acted as penmen as they were “moved by” the Holy Spirit (2 Peter 1:21), and are preserved in the Bible. And I don’t care who you say you are or who you say spoke to you–God has made it clear that Scripture and Scripture alone contains His special revelation of Himself to man.

There are no new ‘words from God’ coming down from heaven (Hebrews 1:1-2). Jesus Calling was not written by Jesus—that should be plain enough when you see Sarah Young, not God, listed as the author on the book itself. She, with no help from any member of the Godhead, wrote that book (which might explain why the “Jesus” in the book, who speaks in the first person, sounds a lot less like the God-man and a lot more like a silly, emotionally unstable Western woman).        

With all that said (sorry if I kind of went off on a tangent there, but it needs to be said), I do believe that Jesus is actually calling Sarah Young. Yes, I do. I believe that He is calling to her with the same message that He speaks to everyone, through His Word in Mark 1:15: “repent and believe in the gospel”.

So, Sarah Young and those who want to hear Jesus calling them, open your eyes, not your ears, and look at the 66 books of Scripture He has given you in order to reveal Himself. You have the Bible, and the fact that He has given us that and nothing more should make it painfully obvious that we don’t need anything more. The Bible is inerrant, divinely inspired, and sufficient.

Now, I’ll close—but not without one of Justin Peters’ famous quotes:

“If you want to hear God speak to you, read your Bible. If you want to hear God speak to you audibly, read it out loud.”                                                               

Justin Peters

I suggest Revelation 22:18-19.

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[1] To see someone who hasn’t compromised on this issue and does call out the heresy and blatant blasphemy in Jesus Calling, follow this link:–QIo4&t=157s

[2] If you want to listen to a few of his sermons, here’s the link:

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  1. Who’s scarier? Beth Moore or Kenneth Copeland? (The question could apply to looks, though I was thinking of influence and theology)


      1. I have to say, I find Beth Moore to be the more dangerous, on the grounds of the sway she holds amongst conservative evangelicals. On the one hand God will save and retain his elect. On the other hand, their spiritual growth can be seriously stunted by false teaching.


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