Charles Spurgeon: The Counterfeit Christian

Recently I’ve been reading a good amount of Charles Spurgeon’s writing. This week I came across an “illustration” in his book Flowers From A Puritan’s Garden that I thought was too good not to share. In the book it’s titled “The Bright Counterfeit.”

A counterfeit coin may look better and brighter than the true piece of money, and yet be almost or altogether worthless.

“And in the same manner a base professor may for a while seem to be brighter than a true Christian. He is not downcast, for he has none of those inward strivings which cause sincere believers so much anguish of soul. He is not sad, for he has no penitence of heart at the remembrance of those shortcomings which humble the living child of God.

Doubts and fears he has none, for these are the moss which grows upon faith, and of this grace he is quite destitute. Failures in holiness, loss of communion, non-success in prayer, smitings of conscience, all of which happen to the elect of God, come not near to him, for he is a stranger to the inward, sensitive principle of which these are the tokens.

Sad sons of God, be not utterly dispirited by these men’s equable tempers and quiet assurances, for they will be troubled indeed when the testing hour shall come. As for you, your gracious disquietudes and holy anxieties are a proof of the reality of your spiritual life, and evidences of grace which out to afford you comfort. Dead men do not suffer from changes of weather, and mere imitations of life, such as paintings and statues, know nothing of the aches and pains of living men.

Pity those who are never in soul trouble, and bless the Lord that [H]e has not left you to their vainglorious peace. Better be dim gold than shining brass. Do you not think so?”

~ Charles Haddon Spurgeon, Flowers From A Puritan’s Garden (pgs. 10-11)

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Photo by udit saptarshi on Unsplash

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