Are We Attacking Individuals When We Point Out False Doctrine?

This post is another offshoot of the conversation I had with Dr. Larry Dixon, a professor at CIU, in May of last year. Normally, I wouldn’t keep posting articles about the discussion (since I already posted the whole thing on this blog), but my post today isn’t really about anything that was said in the... Continue Reading →

Is Abortion a Theological Issue?

Photo by Pixabay on A while back, I posted the conversation that I had with Dr. Larry Dixon concerning partnering with Catholics in the fight to end abortion. After that post, I went back to Dr. Dixon’s blog, where the conversation took place, and found that someone else had posted a comment in response.... Continue Reading →

Mama, I Can’t Breathe!

"Mama, I can't breathe!" This cry was raised in Minnesota as an innocent life pleaded for mercy -- but it went unheard. Unanswered. No one paid attention, and no one cared. That cry was raised -- then the crier was murdered. No. This cry was not raised by George Floyd as he died in Minneapolis... Continue Reading →

The Right to Murder

Photo by Daria Shevtsova on Over the past few years, there have been several horrific mass murders in America, school shootings being among the most common. When people hear of these atrocities, they are outraged. And that's good. I hope you're angry about these killings. (If you aren't, that says something about you, doesn't... Continue Reading →

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