Society’s Dilemma Defined (and the Only Solution to the Problem)

Photo © by Annsley Smoak Alas, sinful nation,            People weighed down with iniquity,            Offspring of evildoers,            Sons who act corruptly!            They have abandoned the LORD,            They have despised the Holy One of Israel,            They have turned away from Him.       Where will you be stricken again,            As you continue in your rebellion?      ...Your land is desolate,            Your cities are burned with fire...for all have sinned and... Continue Reading →

Mama, I Can’t Breathe!

"Mama, I can't breathe!" This cry was raised in Minnesota as an innocent life pleaded for mercy -- but it went unheard. Unanswered. No one paid attention, and no one cared. That cry was raised -- then the crier was murdered. No. This cry was not raised by George Floyd as he died in Minneapolis... Continue Reading →

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