Fuel to the Fire: Why Gas Stimulus Checks and Cancelling Pipelines are Bad Ideas

Gavin Newsom, the governor of California, has proposed that every person in the state who owns a car be given a $400 gas stimulus in the form of a state-issued debit card. The recipient of these funds would not be qualified on the basis of paying taxes or being employed; owning a vehicle would be... Continue Reading →

Silenced: A Political Poem

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all! I know most people try to avoid politics when they're gathered around the turkey table, but I just wanted to share this with you real quick. Earlier today I posted this poem on my second blog, Liternature.com. Now, Liternature.com is where I post my original poetry and short fiction, so I don't... Continue Reading →

It’s Time to Open the Doors #FreeJamesCoates

I posted week or so ago about a Canadian pastor who was arrested for the crime of...opening his church. During a seemingly unending arbitrary lockdown mandated by the government, Pastor James Coates stood for truth over fear and opened his church so his congregation could worship together as Scripture commands (Hebrews 10:25). For this, he... Continue Reading →

A Prayer for The Nation

This nation is in the throes of its death. We’ve come through the brightness of our infancy, and now we’re in the death struggle. We’re going down, and it’s not political and economic; and it’s not partisan; it’s the rise of sin – defiant sin and the disregard for [God's] Word that is taking us... Continue Reading →

Society’s Dilemma Defined (and the Only Solution to the Problem)

Photo © by Annsley Smoak Alas, sinful nation,            People weighed down with iniquity,            Offspring of evildoers,            Sons who act corruptly!            They have abandoned the LORD,            They have despised the Holy One of Israel,            They have turned away from Him.       Where will you be stricken again,            As you continue in your rebellion?      ...Your land is desolate,            Your cities are burned with fire...for all have sinned and... Continue Reading →

Hope for America

On July 5, 2020, my pastor did something that’s always hard for him: he took a Sunday off from his current expositional series and preached a more topical sermon. This particular sermon was about the present state of America. But Pastor Charles didn’t just talk about the desperation of the situation—he preached about the hope... Continue Reading →

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