Love Yourself

I saw this bill board and just didn’t know what to say.

I’ve seen many more along the interstate and in other towns. But this one’s right by the place I work. So I see it every day and still don’t understand.

Love yourself first? What kind of advice is that?

First of all, it’s the kind of advice that causes disaster. Seriously…”love yourself first” is never a good idea.

The truth is that it never works. If it did, it wouldn’t be the cause of so many broken marriages, friendships, and other relationships. Loving yourself and only thinking of yourself leads to the destruction of every healthy relationship in your life and to a dysfunctional sort of ego that puts you and your own desires at the center of the universe. And that idea, to be be blunt, is so far removed from reality that it becomes increasingly difficult for the person who believes it to interact with other human beings. When you try to make yourself God, and expect everyone else to go along with you, you inevitably run into issues.

And secondly, it’s the kind of advice that kills people. Mainly, in this example, the unborn people who are most directly affected by this kind of self love, the kind that kills an innocent infant in the name of convenience.

Love for yourself is not true love — it’s selfishness. And a life or society that is founded on selfishness or promotes it cannot and will not be successful.

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