A Prayer for the Church

I ran across this prayer in a book titled Piercing Heaven, a book of Puritan prayers that were compiled and edited by Robert Elmer. I highly recommend reading the book, but for now I’ll just share this prayer with you. It was written by Arthur Dent, a Puritan in the late sixteenth century.

Most loving Father, we humbly ask that you would look down from heaven in great mercy upon Your whole church, and every member of it. Be favorable to Zion, and build up the walls of Jerusalem.

Look with an eye of pity on the great ruins and desolation of Your church. Heal up the wounds in all the nations. Regard it as Your own flock, be gentle as to Your own family, care for it as Your own vineyard, love it as Your own spouse.

Bless it with Your grace, guide it with Your Spirit, and defend it always with Your mighty power.

Scatter, confound, and overthrow any forces that fight against the church, and have mercy on the church in this land. Bless us with true faith.

Deal with us, and with those who come after us, in Your grace and favor, for the sake of Your great name, and for the sake of our only Mediator Jesus Christ, to whom be all praise and glory, with You and the Holy Spirit, now and forevermore, amen.


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(Note: In the original, “you” and “your” were not capitalized when used in addressing God the Father. I capitalized them because I believe that is the correct way to show reverence to the Lord in our writing.)

Photo by Johannes Plenio on Pexels.com

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