In a previous post, I wrote that there are some things that are so good, they just don’t need to be echoed. This story is one of those things. It’s from Living Waters‘s website, written by Emeal Zwayne (E.Z.).

She was young, tired, and pregnant—again. Having married when she was only 16, she had to grow up fast. Already a mother of four, finances being tight, and her husband now near his mid-60s and on the brink of retirement, having a fifth child felt more than just inconvenient; it felt, well…it felt impossible.

That’s why she’d already had an abortion once—and once more after that. And today, as she sat in her doctor’s office, she was making a third attempt. “Abortion on demand” was illegal in Lebanon in the 1970s, but if a woman was able to secure special clearance from her primary physician, she was permitted to have one. As she had learned twice before, securing special clearance was not going to be a problem.

It may shock you to learn that my mother took me into the doctor’s office with her that day. Of course, I was quite young and couldn’t speak yet. I wasn’t able to raise my voice and say, “Mama, please don’t kill your baby. Give this little one a chance at life. Everything will work out. You’ll make it through the financial hardships, you’ll weather the difficulties and struggles that come with having five kids. Give your baby the opportunity to be born, to be held, to be loved, to grow up and get married, to have children, and to lead a rich and full life.”

However, I was helpless to say or do anything on that fateful day. But just then, something very unexpected happened. The doctor spoke for me.

Being that I was in my mother’s womb, it was impossible for me to speak for myself. The doctor looked at my mother and simply said, “I’m not going to let you do this one.”

And so here I am. And here you are—reading what I’ve written. Everything worked out. My mother and father made it through the financial hardships, and they weathered the difficulties and struggles that came with having five kids. I was born, I was held, I was loved, I grew up and got married, I had children (five, in fact), I lead a rich and full life, and now I’m speaking on behalf of babies in wombs across the world.

~ Emeal Zwayne

Please share this important video.

The spoken word poem above was written and performed by Mr. Zwayne, and I’d encourage you to listen to it. You can find the lyrics in the video’s description on the Living Waters YouTube channel (here).

Thanks for reading.

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