A Prayer for The Nation

This nation is in the throes of its death. We’ve come through the brightness of our infancy, and now we’re in the death struggle. We’re going down, and it’s not political and economic; and it’s not partisan; it’s the rise of sin – defiant sin and the disregard for [God’s] Word that is taking us down.

~~ John MacArthur

Dear Lord,

I know You are the living God who created this universe and everything in it. You ordain the courses of men and planets, cause tides and nations to rise and fall. There is nothing in all of creation, from the smallest mite on earth to the greatest archangel in heaven, that can thwart Your plan or hinder Your will. You are sovereign, omnipotent, righteous, and just. If every created thing were gathered together and set beside You, it would not amount to a speck of dust. In Your sight, humanity is less than nothing. Our greatest empires are a drop in the ocean. Our largest monuments are as a blade of grass beside Your footstool.

Knowing this, Lord, I come to You in prayer for the nations of this world, specifically the United States of America. You are omniscient. You know that this is a sinful people. You know that mankind has grossly transgressed Your Law. You know that the blood of millions of children stains the hands of many in this country, that many have tried to destroy marriage and the family structure You have ordained. You know that people curse Your holy name and strive to wipe Your commands from every memory and heart, that they have taught generations that this world came about, not by Your eternal purposes and almighty power, but by random chance and chemical reaction. Millions have suppressed the truth in unrighteousness, and rejected You and Your Word.

Lord, You are not only all-knowing, but You are holy. You know that America, just like every other nation and each individual on this earth, is worthy of nothing but Your just, consuming wrath. You would be righteous if You rained down the flames of hell upon this nation, and laid it to waste like Sodom and Gomorrah, so that all others would see its fall and take warning. You would be holy if you sent the plagues of Egypt, and allowed this country to be conquered and destroyed by other nations. If You sent Your judgement upon this entire world this very instant, Lord, You would be perfectly good to do so, and not one of Your creatures could find fault with You.

You have been merciful to this nation in days past, holding back judgement with one hand and extending the other, that the people might come and find salvation from the coming torrents of wrath. You have not destroyed America yet; You have given time for repentance.

But one day, the mercy will be no longer available; one day You will take Your hand from holding back the wrath that has been reserved, and a tidal wave of righteous fury will sweep even the dust of the ground from Your sight. There will be no pleas or cries from the judged that will reach Your throne, for the prayers of the unrighteous You do not answer; the wails of the damned are only fuel to the fire of judgement as they protest Your just and holy treatment of them.

And in all things, Lord, You will be just. If the blow falls today for America’s iniquity, You will still be perfect, and ultimately loving and good. I know this, Lord, from Your Word, and I rejoice that You are unchangeably holy and perfect in all of Your ways.  

But I also know this: that in Your Scriptures You are revealed to be gracious and merciful as well as perfect and just. You have given us mercy in previous times—Lord, please extend more to us now. Please spare those worthy of judgement for the sake of the few righteous You see among them. If the 7,000 are still in our midst, if the ten righteous still inhabit the city, answer the prayers of Your servants and grant yet more time.

And not only time; please grant repentance. Please send Your Holy Spirit among us, and strike contrition into the hearts and souls of wicked people. Please, God, break us over our sin, and turn our eyes to You as our salvation. Make Americans realize that the most detrimental problem we face is not an economic depression, the coronavirus, social injustice, or bad politicians, but our own sin, and that You alone hold the only solution—the cross of Jesus Christ and His gospel.

Lord, please open our eyes, so that we will see the sinfulness of our sin and the overwhelming purity of Your holiness. Draw this nation to Yourself so that the people of this land will cry out to You in repentance, and grant them faith to believe the gospel of Your Son—that Christ died on the cross as our Substitute, taking Your wrath upon Himself for all those who believe, and that He was buried and three days later rose again to life. Make this people see the marvelous beauty of this good news; make us turn to You alone that we may be redeemed from hell and destruction.

Please, dear God! For You are gracious and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in lovingkindness, but by no means do You spare the guilty. Please turn this people back to You, to Your Law and Your gospel, Your commandments and Your goodness. Bless this people with salvation, Lord, for the sake of Your great and holy name, that all the nations may know that YOU ARE GOD, AND THERE IS NO OTHER.

Your will be done, on this earth, in the heavens, and in this land.


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Top Photo by Tim Mossholder on Pexels.com

Bottom Photo by Deb Dowd on Unsplash

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