Mama, I Can’t Breathe!

“Mama, I can’t breathe!”

This cry was raised in Minnesota as an innocent life pleaded for mercy — but it went unheard. Unanswered. No one paid attention, and no one cared.

That cry was raised — then the crier was murdered.

No. This cry was not raised by George Floyd as he died in Minneapolis on May 25 of this year. I’m not talking about George Floyd.

I’m talking about Zoe.

Zoe was a healthy, growing, beautiful little black girl who lived in Minnesota. On May 25, 2020, it was life as usual for Zoe: playing, sleeping, doing all the things a small child does.

Then she felt it. An overwhelming, burning pain. She tried to get away from it but couldn’t. She felt it spreading all over her body. She didn’t know what it was. She only knew that it hurt. She didn’t know what to do — so she did what every other child would have done in her situation. She cried, “Mama! Help!”

But no answer came. Mama didn’t reply. Zoe could hear her talking not far away, but it was like she was deaf. She didn’t hear Zoe — or didn’t want to.

Zoe felt the burning get worse as it moved to her lungs. She began to gasp for air. “Mama!” She screamed out again. “I can’t breathe!”

Once more, the call was answered by the cruel silence. Zoe began to sob harder. Surely Mama or Daddy or someone would hear her crying!

But if they did, they didn’t care. They might have plugged their ears and looked away, but they didn’t answer. Zoe began to scream as loud as she could into the darkness — then she heard them. The five words.

She heard them, spoken in a voice she didn’t recognize, but she couldn’t believe them. The silence that had been Mama’s only reply was cruel — but cruel didn’t even apply to these five words. They were inexpressibly inhumane, brutal. Evil. Zoe trembled, both from pain and fear, as she heard them.

“It will be over soon.”

Then Zoe heard Mama’s voice. She was talking to the person with the strange voice. Even as she had to struggle for her next breath, Zoe’s heart leapt at hearing her. Then the whole world came crashing down when Mama spoke.


Zoe felt a pain greater than the burning that now consumed her tiny body, a pain that seemed to stab straight at her beating heart. She wanted to cry until she had no more tears left–but she couldn’t. She couldn’t call to Mama again. She couldn’t even scream for mercy. She couldn’t breathe.

Finally, just as everything was going dark and she felt as if there was nothing left of her for the fire to burn, she was able to gasp out one last cry.

“Mama! I can’t breathe!”

And she died.

Zoe died on the same day as George Floyd. She died in the same state, maybe even the same city, as George Floyd. She was even the same color as George Floyd.

But there will be no memorial services for Zoe. There will be no tearful mourners, no protests organized or riots carried out. There will be no legislation discussed or bills passed or movements begun as a result of her death. No one will write her name on a sidewalk or posterboard. No one will even know her name.

Because Zoe was aborted.

This is the inconsistency of the Black Lives Matter movement. When a black adult is allegedly murdered by a white adult, movements are begun, hashtags are created, riots break out and protests are held, even before the trial begins. But when a black baby is undoubtedly murdered by an adult–oftentimes a white adult–no one even bats an eye.

Black Lives Matter obviously doesn’t believe that every black life matters. Adherents of this movement are quick to name off a list of those who have been mistreated outside the womb (Emmett Till, etc.) and demand that their deaths be avenged; however, I have not heard one #BLM advocate declare that we need to end the number one killer of black people in America — this slaughter called abortion. This hypocrisy is why George Floyd’s death is condemned as a crime and a tragedy while Zoe’s murder is applauded as progress! When in fact the only difference between Zoe’s murder and George Floyd’s death is timing.

Do you realize that if George Floyd had died in the same way just 47 years ago, we would not even know his name? Not because social justice has come so far since then, but because 47 years ago, George Floyd was still in his mother’s womb. 47 years ago, he was just like Zoe. And if George Floyd had been murdered then, by a white abortionist (who, by the way, would have been paid well to commit the crime), no one would have said a word about it. His death wouldn’t have sparked riots and protests. Actually, BLM advocates would now be celebrating his killing!

George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis began a wildfire of riots that have ravaged the country as a whole. But when Zoe was burned alive in her mother’s womb and died unable to breathe, nobody cared. Nobody did anything.

Especially not anyone in connection with BLM.

This is because racism, death, and injustice are not really the things that the Black Lives Matter movement is concerned about. It is not concerned about preserving life and upholding justice — that much is obvious (just look at all the death and destruction that has been the result of these riots and protests). Its main goal is to obtain power. And power is gained by taking advantage of inflammatory situations, as well as winning over “socially important” people to your side.

George Floyd happened to be seen in BLM’s eyes as a “socially important” person. Zoe was not. Stirring up strife about George Floyd’s death has granted BLM a new way to throw dirt on everything they don’t like; saying something about Zoe’s death would only cast a shadow on a person’s supposed “freedom” to kill their own children. This is also why BLM pays very little attention to black-on-black crime, which results in the murders of far more black people than contact with cops does.

BLM is blatantly unbiblical, logically inconsistent, and absolutely wrong on all levels, but this is the most glaring contradiction of them all. Because BLM advocates will allow for the murder of one person, then condemn the murder of another. Why should we support a movement whose followers attack those who stood by as George Floyd was arrested, yet themselves ignore the hundreds of cries and pleas for life and mercy that are raised to them each day?

Black lives don’t matter just because, by some random roll of the dice, they matter. Every human life matters because every human is made in the image of God.

Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness; and let them rule over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the sky and over the cattle and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creeps on the earth.” God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.

Genesis 1:26-27

And because every person walking this earth is a human being and therefore made in the image of God, every person’s life matters.

But it’s not right to say “Black lives matter.” Neither is it right to say that “White lives matter.” This is because your life does not have a color. Your life does not have skin, or melanin. The most correct thing we can say is “Every life matters.” Or “Human lives matter.”

Or, if we want to use a hashtag, let’s do as a friend of mine suggested and use #babieslivesmatter. Because if we really want to find the oppressed people group of our age, it’s not “African-Americans”. It’s not adults of any ethnicity. It’s babies. Where can you see thousands of murders committed every day without something being done about it? Nowhere on this globe — except Planned Parenthood clinics.

Now, there is still hope for those who have been involved in these unjust murders and acts — hope and salvation in Christ alone. I prayerfully encourage all people to obey Christ’s command to “repent and believe the gospel” (Mark 1:15), which is the good news that Christ died on the cross and suffered the wrath of God as our substitute. In this sacrifice, Christ satisfied God’s justice so that He could justly give us grace and mercy. The cross of Jesus Christ is the greatest display of love and justice that we will ever find in time or eternity! And yet BLM rejects this cross and this wonderful, glorious Savior by saying that Christ is not enough — we must first have social reparation.

When will we begin to understand that justice doesn’t extend itself to just one demographic? That the blood is not just on the other person’s hands? How many horrific murders must be violently committed towards the unborn before we will unplug our ears and hear the thousands of death cries that will testify against us, as individuals, as a nation, and as a world, when we come before the judgement throne of God?

How many times must we hear, “Mama, I can’t breathe!”

SDG <><

Top Photo by Cooper Baumgartner on Unsplash

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  1. Wow! It felt almost wrong to “like” this post, given the topic. But it was so beautifully written, so poignantly true! And that’s what’s most important. It was true. And it needed to be said.

    If you read the above post and appreciate it, please “like” it! If you don’t have an account, please set one up so you can “like” it!


  2. To be clear: the Black Lives Matter movement is not saying that all lives don’t matter. What it’s saying is that Black lives are in endanger. Imagine if you were raising awareness and having a conversation about depression and someone said to you all psychological orders matter. Talking about depression doesn’t take away from the other mental health issues. I live in Houston and after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey Houstonians started saying #Houstonstrong, would it not have been foolish for the people in other cities to say that all cities are strong? Black Lives Matter is a statement that speaks out on the racism in America and raising awareness for a real change.

    Black Lives Matter is always invoked in the rights of women to make choices over their bodies and those on the opposing views of that debate. However, if we are going there the abortion debate can’t be considered without considering the quality of urban schools, racial disparities in health care– and with the same belief that I have about the killings I also will not support White legislators who have no interest in our community to tell women what they can do with their bodies; some women are victims of rape and incest and dealing with issues you know not of. Whether you agree or not it is a woman’s constitutional right to terminate a pregnancy however on the similar side of this topic NOBODY has the right to take someone’s life due to the color of their skin, bibically or legally!


    1. Thank you for reading my blog, and for demonstrating exactly the inconsistencies that my post was written to unveil.

      The problem with Black Lives Matter is not that black lives aren’t in danger. The problem with Black Lives Matter is that millions of (unborn) black lives are in danger, and nothing is said or done about it. The agenda behind this movement is one of death to the unborn or “socially unimportant,” feministic overthrow of authority, and destruction of the family (here’s their belief statement–

      If BLM was only about stopping racism, it wouldn’t be an issue. I hate racism because it degrades a human being made in God’s image. (And by the way, racists don’t just come in white. I’ve met more black people who are racists—very adamant racists—than I have white people who are.) But as I said in the article, racism, death, and injustice aren’t really concerns of BLM. The only real goal is power, power that can be achieved by brainwashing the world into thinking that if you don’t support the movement, you’re a bigot and an oppressor.

      As for your statement that “BLM is always invoked in the rights of women to make choices over their bodies” and that a woman has a “constitutional right to terminate a pregnancy,” you are revealing that you are also as logically inconsistent and biblically inaccurate as BLM. How can you demand that murder of black adults be condemned and punished, and at the same time demand that murder of a black child is a constitutional right? (And by the way, we don’t get ultrasounds pictures of ‘pregnancies’. A baby is a life, not a pregnancy. The pregnancy ends once the baby is born—the baby doesn’t.) A baby is not part of the mother’s body—what woman do you know of has four arms, two noses, and two hearts?

      As for abortion in the case of rape or incest, one crime does not justify another. And how can you say that murdering a child is justified because circumstances are less-than-optional in the place where he or she may grow up? If death is better than living in a place with a bad-quality school system, why don’t you kill the people who are already living there? The logic is outrageous!
      One more thing. You said that “NOBODY has the right to take someone’s life due to the color of their skin, bibically or legally!” I agree with that. But in that declaration is a discriminatory statement.

      You’re saying that nobody has the right to take someone’s life based on the color of their skin. But you’re ignoring the fact that neither does somebody have the right to take someone’s life based on their development or size. To quote a very true statement, “A person’s a person, no matter how small.”

      Scripture says that nobody has the right to take someone’s life PERIOD. “You shall not murder.” (Exodus 20:13) So says the Word of the living God.

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      1. I stated that it is a woman’s constitutional right to abortion because the last time I checked, it is. Abortion is more a political issue than it is a church issue. Stop using abortion to deflect away from police brutality and unjust killings of people of color. This is a ploy to shame women for abortion. If you were a victim of rape, incest or was faced with having to need an abortion for health reasons, let’s see if you feel the same about “one injustice doesn’t justify another”.

        “One more thing. You said that “NOBODY has the right to take someone’s life due to the color of their skin, bibically or legally!” I agree with that. But in that declaration is a discriminatory statement.”

        Put like that it doesn’t make much sense and I find this statement to be outrageous. Once again, you have demonstrated my point of the Pro-life mentality. The matter we are dealing with here is social injustice which the scriptures talks about too (Mich 6:8, Isiah 1:17). If you really are Pro-life, then you should be just as outraged that Black lives are being murdered as you are about an unborn fetus.


        1. Abortion is not a right, for nothing is a right which is wrong. Abortion may be legal, but at one point so was segregation and slavery. In a postmodern, sin-saturated society, whether or not something is legal is not really a good determining factor as to if it is right, morally acceptable, or biblical.

          I am not using abortion to take the attention off of “police brutality” or “unjust killings.” I’m trying to help people see that there are many more unjust killings than they want to acknowledge, and that underneath all the labels we may give it, the root of humanity’s problems, social and personal, is SIN! And the only cure for this fatal disease is the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, who will judge the living and the dead at His second coming.

          And to answer your emotionally charged accusation that if I myself was put in a situation that society deems would justify murdering an unborn child, I can say BEYOND DOUBT that I would never get an abortion, no matter the circumstance. Though I pray that no woman in my family ever finds herself in those situations, subjective circumstances do not change objective truth. If anyone should be punished in a case of rape, it’s the rapist. But we don’t hear people telling victims of rape to kill their rapist for emotional relief, do we? So why would we kill the innocent child who had nothing to do with the criminal’s actions?

          I said that your statement that “NOBODY has the right to take someone’s life due to the color of their skin, biblically or legally!” is discriminatory because of the statement you made just after it, that abortion is a right that should be held onto and defended. Once again, you say that murder is bad when committed against an adult, but okay when committed against an infant. That’s discriminatory in the worst possible way, whether you admit it or not.

          And I AM outraged that murder is allowed to run rampant in this world. That’s why I wrote this article. I’m not saying that there are not some bad cops—but there are also some bad politicians (more, I would argue, than bad cops!). However, I don’t see anyone calling for a disbanding of the Democratic or Republican parties! I don’t see people screaming for Planned Parenthood—which is the biggest mass murder machine in America—to be defunded and boycotted.

          Regardless of what the media and BLM would have us believe, the real problem we are dealing with is NOT social injustice. Social injustice is merely a symptom of the actual disease, a fruit that grows from the root of the issue—SIN.

          Every human being has a sin nature. That means all of us have the same evil potential as the next guy. In Matthew 5, Christ said that whoever hates another person is guilty of murder in his heart! (Matthew 5:21-22) With that standard, we are all guilty! While we should seek justice for crimes committed directly against another person (such as rape and theft and murder), we should all remember that the standard with which we judge will one day be used to judge our own hearts and souls. No matter how much justice is meted out here on earth, it is all a shadow of God’s perfect justice, which will give each of us exactly what we deserve on Judgement Day—mainly God’s just wrath being poured out on us in eternal hell—unless we repent of our sins and trust in the Lord Jesus Christ alone for salvation.

          And as my last point, Micah 6:8 and Isaiah 1:17 are NOT in the context of social injustice. These two verses were spoken by God to a sinful nation which had forsaken His Law and precepts. We would do good to heed them—but to do so, we have to look at the rest of the chapters and books in which they are found. The main point of these messages to Israel was not a better school system, not better “race relations,” and not reparation for past injustices against other people. The main point of these commands is to turn the people of the nation back to God and away from their iniquity, so that they would escape His wrath through the atonement provided (Christ) and be able to follow His holy commands. Only when we are right with God will we be able to be right with men. That is why the social justice agenda is doomed to failure, because it fails to recognize—indeed it tries to conceal—the fact that human beings do not have the answer to society’s problem within themselves or their behavior. Only the gospel can heal what sin has broken.

          I’d suggest watching this short video to help explain this further:

          Proverbs 17:15

          (And by the way, you misquoted my statement “one CRIME does not justify another.” I said crime because I meant crime. Murder is a crime, as well as rape.)

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          1. Micah 6:8 & Isiah 1:17 speaks of God’s people doing unjust things to God’s people, that’s social injustice.

            I stand corrected, let me quote you right “one CRIME does not justify another.” I hope you never do find yourself as victim of rape, incest or any other circumstances because it easy to stand lines and judged never had walked in someone’s shoes. You also misquoted me I never said murdering babies wasn’t bad, I said that it is a woman’s constitutional right to make decisions of what to do with her body. I will agree with you that at the root of racism is evil, racism is a spirit and as God’s people we should be engaging in spiritual warfare and seeking productive ways to overcome racism.


            1. As I said before, a baby is not part of a woman’s body. Nor does a “right to your own body” justify taking another human’s life–actually, murder violates the other person’s (i.e., the baby’s) right to their own body.

              With my final statement, I will point out once more that a “constitutional right” cannot be such when it is biblically wrong.

              Liked by 1 person

              1. With my final statement, a pregnant woman and her fetus should never be regarded as separate just as Christ and His church shouldn’t be regarded as separate.

                You are judging an issue that has a broader context as I mentioned rape, incest and other factors. Regardless of how we feel about a matter there are some situations that we cannot know how we will react until we are in that situation and I believe being faced with life threatening health issues, incest, rape are one of them. That is my point!

                Have a good night!


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