A Few Valuable Critiques of Racism, Social Justice, and #BlackLivesMatter

There have been probably been billions of words written, typed, or said about the events of the past few weeks. Most of them are not very helpful; confusing at best and wrong at worst. However, some things that have been said and written are not only good and well-done, but biblical. They’re so biblical, good, and well-done, in fact, that they just don’t need to be echoed.

So, I’m not going to echo them. All I want to do in this post is put a few resources out there that I have found extremely helpful, resources that get to the real root of the problems that we’re seeing in our cities, our nation, and our world. This is by no means a comprehensive list (since I put it together from the things I’ve listened to or read, and the sad fact is that I can’t listen to or read everything) but I hope it’s helpful.

Josh Buice: Three Reasons Why Christians Should Reject #BlackLivesMatter

Dr. Voddie Baucham: Our Concept of Race is not Biblical

Racial Reconciliation

University Dean DESTROYS Left’s Narrative that Black Americans are Most Oppressed in the World

Todd Friel: What Did Jesus Say About Racism?

An Extended Conversation with Voddie Baucham on Social Justice (see video embedded above)

Gabriel Hughes: How Black Lives Matter Divides Us

Just Thinking Podcast: George Floyd and the Gospel

John MacArthur: The Gospel and Black Lives Matter

Social Justice and the Gospel (Part One)

Social Justice and the Gospel (Part Two)

Social Justice and the Gospel (Part Three)

Social Justice and the Gospel (Part Four)

Who is to Blame for the Riots?

How Should Christians Respond to the Riots?

Anthony Mathenia: Creating Race (This is a livestreamed church service, so you have to skip to 20:47 to listen to the sermon. But seriously, it’s a good one.)

This list will be updated throughout the next few weeks.

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